In a very fragmented industry hotels have lost control over inventory and distribution to the large OTAs. They are fighting back with the technical equivalent of picks and shovels; a fragmented mess of costly widgets. They lack infrastructure to regain control.


The travel industry has been waiting for a new way of doing business. A means to disrupt the current lopsided system; consolidating travel content distribution and giving individual hotels control back, travel supplier and business corporation a direct access to inventory at the lowest possible cost for the end consumers benefit.


Build a distribution platform for the travel industry where all stakeholders can conduct business in a fair and ethical manner and where governance is imposed by service providers rather than by distributors. A marketplace where unnecessary and costly intermediaries are removed form the equation.

FROM THE FOUNDERS was built by travel professional, such as yourself, because…

  • We were tired of seeing our profit margin go to excessive OTA, aggregator and every middleman out there trying to make a buck without adding any value. 
  • We were tired of losing control over our inventory and being undercut by OTAs who were using our wholesale rate. 
  • We were tired of our OTA partners bidding against our own hotel name on Google AdWords. was built by travel professional, such as yourself, to…

  • Offer a one-stop-shop for hotels to get online and sell rooms and more at 0% commission. 
  • Provide a global content distribution system for travel agencies superior in quality to the existing GDS. 
  • Take control over distribution through technology, superior products and governance.
  • Let hotels be 100% in charge of where their inventory gets sold.
    Slowly ween your hotel off the unhealthy dependency on large predatory OTAs and wholesalers.
  • Together we regain control AND can start offering travelers a much better product. Everyone wins!


Our platform enables you to sell more than just rooms and gives you the feedback you need to understand your customers better. is the premium provider of technology services to the travel industry and for hotels who need an online service partner. is consolidating the travel ecosystem and making online distribution less costly and manageable again. As a member of, you are part of an ecosystem and you have a say in what the future of online distribution looks like. You get to vote on new features and have fine-grained control over how your inventory is sold. With us as your service partner, you can focus on offering your guests the best possible experience while we make sure your team has the tools and resources they need to get the job done.

Let’s set a new standard in quality and custom-tailored experiences for our industry and control the future of distribution together! Get in touch with [email protected] for more information about how we are changing the travel landscape.

Bjorn, Martijn & Yann


Yann Gouriou

Yann Gouriou

CEO & Co-founder
Bjorn Harvold

Bjorn Harvold

CTO & Co-founder
Martijn Dekker

Martijn Dekker

CFO & Co-founder