Want to run your hotel more profitably and efficiently?

This is your chance!

We are excited to share this new feature with you and are giving a few select hotels a sneak peak at what our algorithm team have been working on with all the data we have.

Introducing IKO.AI Alpha

As a GM, it’s pretty tough having to look after the entire organization and trust that everyone is doing their best. Meetings, sales calls and operational issues take your finger off the pulse. It’s time for an upgrade….meet IKO.AI.

With IKO.AI, you know exactly how your hotel is performing and how to act on the information you have in your hands before you enter your lobby.

Every morning, IKO.AI sends a notification and tells you how your property is doing by the numbers.

You’ll get:

  • Yesterday’s pick-up by rooms, revenue and ADR
  • Day of week pick-up by trend
  • Daily demand level movement
  • Daily pick-up by demand level