Access travel data via a simple API

Travel technology is fragmented. Startups thinking about getting into this space will spend time and money working with disparate, legacy, systems. There are a 1000+ PMSs out there, 500+ channel managers, 100+ online travel agencies and many others.

The way we search, book and pay for hotels keeps evolving and people expect a fast, reliable and simple solution. Integrating your new super powered idea into all these services is not cost effective. That's where we can help.

Using the PLATFORM effect to sell inventory

Platform illustration

Developers can leverage the power of the platform to access all the data they need through a unified API. We have already done the heavy lifting that is a barrier to entry for any startup wishing to get into the travel tech space.

The data can be used by existing travel supplier to improve their current travel selection or by developers to create new applications and sell travel inventory on their own terms. We have content-rich travel inventory and great rates, meticulously curated with our hotel partners.

Less tech savvy teams can leverage our easy-to-use components to access content and rates to process bookings securely within a few hours.


Access a wide variety of travel inventory for a specific hotel or destination


Access rates and availability information quickly and easily for one or more hotels


Manage bookings via a secure set of APIs and customizable components