Like no other online travel agent

Traveliko.com look like any other online travel agent (OTA) but in reality it’s much more than that.

Traveliko puts you directly in touch with hotels!

Traveliko charges no commission to hotels – in exchange hotels can offer you better deals.

By booking your next holiday with us not only will you get the best hotel rates but you will also become part of a sustainable travel ecosystem that benefit all parties.

10 Reasons why you should book with us!


  • Hotels are encouraged to offer you the best possible rates
  • Hotels offer you members discount when you login to your Google or Facebook account
  • Hotels are encouraged to offer you FREEBIES
  • You can book more than just hotel rooms 
  • Transparent pricing – what you see is what they pay all the way through
  • Search hotels with “Lifestyle” filters
  • Search results are relevant to you
  • Share your experience – Traveliko makes reviewing fun!
  • Become part of a community – fair trade eco-system where every stakeholder benefits
  • Help hotels get away from aggregators and expensive middlemen